Although voice-based customer support solutions are popular measures that companies use to augment their bottom line, non-voice services play roles that are just as crucial to business growth. A non-voice team can ensure that you are accessible across the different platforms. With just a click of the mouse, your customers can easily reach you without having to be on-hold for minutes.

a. Web Chat

Live chat presents a perfect middle ground between the phone and email that customers prefer to use while they’re browsing your website or when they’re on the go. It makes sense to send short messages instead of waiting for a phone representative to be available if you want quick answers for minor concerns.

b. Email Support

You can receive a large influx of messages all at once through one address, and these tickets can be handled by a smaller number of staff compared with what you need to maintain a call center team. We will help you man the desk by responding to this influx of inquiries.