Sales is king, and a king needs support. WinSolutions offers the support needed to sell your product – whether it be as simple as researching and surveying your target market, to acquiring the necessary details of your customers, setting an appointment for your team to talk to the customers, or full-fledged selling, our company is dedicated to give you the sales you need.

We will work together in understanding your product, and the branding you want for it. From here, we will create a marketing plan to reach the right customers. Our strategic and sustained customer acquisition solutions include:

a. Lead Generation and List Building

We will gather the customer profile of your business and create a list of prospects to further your customer base. Create a list of fields that you would need from your customers.

b. Market Research and Surveys

Customize your own report on how you would want your customers to feedback on your products. We will take care of reaching out to them and just send the report to you for your product improvement.

c. Appointment Setting

Our team will pre-qualify your existing leads and transfer them to your more experienced agents on the spot, or set an appointment date with them.

d. Telemarketing

Our well-conversed sales force will be able to help you enhance sales, promote products, or even inform your existing clients of new company offers.