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Welcome to Winsolutions Corp.

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BPO Solutions


Customer Acquisition

Sales is king, and a king needs support. WinSolutions offers the support needed to sell your product – whether it be as simple as researching and surveying your target market, to acquiring the necessary details of your customers, setting an appointment for your team to talk to the customers, or full-fledged selling, our company is dedicated to give you the sales you need.

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Inbound Call Center Services

Receiving calls is a crucial aspect of any business process that is easily overlooked. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to build a solid consumer base that will stay loyal to your brand no matter how much time and resources you devote to new customer acquisition.

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Outbound Call Center Services

A crucial aspect of any business process is to reach out to a customer at a specific time. Whether it be a simple reminder of pending deliverables, or a call to verify current customer information, Outbound Services will help your business remove bottlenecks.

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Non-Voice Customer Support

Although voice-based customer support solutions are popular measures that companies use to augment their bottom line, non-voice services play roles that are just as crucial to business growth. A non-voice team can ensure that you are accessible across the different platforms. With just a click of the mouse, your customers can easily reach you without having to be on-hold for minutes.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Services package focuses on your search engine visibility so that your traffic will be consistent and your potential customers will heavily increase over time. It also focuses more on your Google page rank and your competition with other websites with the same niche or market as yours. Our SEO package will take you through all your competitor’s websites in a breeze. Check out the updated SEO Costs Pricing.

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